Twenty Five days into the new year and I realised, I hadn’t posted on here yet. To remedy that, here is a short update post:

Last year I was working on an Addon for Blender, more details when it is finished. Suffice to say I had the addon working and I’ve been using it for a while. I wanted to add some additional features and tidy up the UI and then perhaps release it.

I’d become stuck with one integration in the kit proper, even though I had the function working within Blender, I found it hard integrating it within the Addon. This month, January, I cracked it and got the code integrated, man that was a good feeling. This lead to some new ideas and wishes for the tool, those are where I am now.

I hope to wrap it up in the next month or so, although I’m not in any hurry and am using the exercise as a learning experience, the Blender API is not the most transparent, often it feels like juggling eels. I’m also not certain if I will release it publicly or not. I would like to, but the idea of dealing with end users doesn’t appeal to me at all. So for now at least it’s a just for me app, I may Beta test it with some people, later though.

So that’s everything caught up, now back to the code…