It has been an interesting year, I have rekindled my interest in photography, which I had let slide for a long time. I even bought back into the Adobe software by renewing my Photography plan.

I have been using Affinity apps for a few years now and thought they were all I needed, and for my renders etc. the tools were more than enough.
However for RAW images and photo organising Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw are far superior. Despite the subscription nature of the tools I am more that happy with my decision. Lightroom has come a long way since I last used it and I am finding the results to be very pleasing.

I am not one to make resolutions, but I think will be spending some time learning how to use Geometry Nodes in Blender. Thus far I haven’t found a need and to be frank I find them confusing and draining on my machines.

Talking of which I going to try and use my MacBook Pro more next year and have made space on a desk for its dedicated use, even attaching a Dell monitor to get some decent screen space. More on that in the future if it works out.

We had a decent amount of snow earlier in the month and this is a shot of the Elbe Strand. Elbe Strand