In a previous post, one full of hopeless optimism and naive enthusiasm, I talked about re-launching my BlenderBits domain, see the About link above it you are interested in seeing the domain, for as long as it exists.

Unfortunately reality has kicked in and I find, that in all honesty, I have neither the time, nor the interest in maintaining two discrete blogs, especially as they intersect on topics, Blender, so as this is the more generalised one, I have decided to use this one only.

So the dice have been rolled and the decision is made. I will keep BlenderBits around for now, the domain is paid up for while, and being fickle, I may change my mind. I will try and sell it but failing that it will probably just lapse into oblivion once more, or not.

And now for a little 3D Art, these dice are from a session of dice texturing exercises I did some months back. There are a few more renders on Artstation if you are curious.

3D Model of some dice

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