I have recently been watching a YouTube channel from a Japanese machine tool maker, which I find interesting and relaxing. It is also a great source of reference material for 3D modelling. For ideas and materials, I have been making screenshots like crazy as I watch through his demonstrations.

If you are interested in checking the channel out it is here: @SwapLampJapan

I hadn’t thought of using YouTube as a source of reference but as the quality of the video cameras improve I am able to get some really nice shots for reference.

Here is one I made earlier:

Machine Tool Model

and here is the wireframe of the model: Machine Tool Wireframe

The model uses two anisotropic texture maps one for the circular top section and a linear one for the sides. I did this as two materials instead of one as it is easier in Blender to have square textures than rectangular ones. I may be missing something but blender always changes the aspect ratio of the UV editor which isn’t helpful for laying out and checking proportions.

I going to be doing more of these in the next days, as I have a good selection of reference, as I mentioned. I also want to see about using procedural textures for the anisotropy instead of bitmaps, my reluctance to procedural texturing in Blender will be tested though, they always feel overly heavy on my machine, even big png’s are quicker.

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