This is a demonstration of how to create a Node Graph in Blender to make and Edge Wear node for use in Cycles.

Step one:

Create the node graph as shown above in Blender’s shader editor. Note the samples input this will be added next.

Step two:

Add a Samples input slot, so you can drive the Bevel node samples from outside the group.

Step three:

TAB out of the node group and then right click on the Samples input and Copy as Driver.

Step four:

TAB back into the node group and right click in the Bevel Node Samples input and Paste Driver.


TAB out again and you can use the Edge Mask output to drive a Mix Color node or anything else that you want to drive Edge Wear with.


For those not wishing to make the node themselves I have uploaded the finished asset file to Gumroad: Gumroad Edge Wear Node

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I appreciate those that do pay and it encourages me to post more stuff.