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Mark B Tomlinson

Category: Technology

Wacom Tablet Driver Restart Mac

The tablet driver for the Wacom Tablet occasionally crashes under Mac OS X. This seems to happen more often after the machine is woken from Sleep mode. When you look in the Preference you will see some warning similar to the image above. The only solution it offers is to restart the Mac. This is a pain even though restarting with and SSD is quick enough it still means closing all the open apps and waiting an age for some to close like the Mail.

Autodesk FBX Viewer Alternative

Autodesk FBX viewer is dead in Yosemite and isn’t going to be fixed until later this month with the release of a new FBX suite. Therefore I have had to look for an alternative and have tried many viewers some nice some not the problem is few open FBX by association if at all. There is one program that does open them and reads them quickly and that is Marmoset Toolbag 2 I had just been using Toolbag to open files and then thought, hell why not just associate the files to the program so they open there by default.

Delete all Photos from Your iPad or iPhone

The quickest way to delete all the photos from an iPad running ios 7 is to use the Image Capture program. Open Image Capture Connect you iPad to your Mac with USB cable Click on the iPad icon top left Select all by using¬†‚ĆėA (or select manually if you want to selectively delete) Click the red circle symbol on the bottom and confirm you want to delete. After a few seconds or minutes depending on the size they will be deleted from the iPad.

Raspberry Pi Time Capsule

Build a $35 Time Capsule ‚Äď Raspberry Pi Time Machine Backup Server HomeArticlesBuild a $35 Time Capsule ‚Äď Raspberry Pi Time Machine Backup Server 29-08-2014 | Remy van Elst This is a simple guide on building a $35 Time Capsule with a Raspberry Pi. A Time Capsule is a network attached storage device from Apple for use with their Time Machine. Time Machine gives users a very easy and userfriendly way to automatically create and restore (encrypted) backups.

Blender remote control with

As much as I love shortcuts to take the strain of the mouse I sometimes wish they weren’t quite so obtuse. I don’t play piano and so struggle spreading a hand over some of the combinations Blender uses. Alt M for example is doable but hardly comfortable, while others would require a punishing regime under a trainer to achieve. To this end I decided to tryout the excellent app for iPad calledActions *No longer available.

Users Folder Hidden after OS X 10.9.3

After updating¬†Apple’s OS X to 10.9.3 you may find the /Users directory¬†is hidden.¬†This can be annoying but easy to fix and¬†unhide it again just enter this command into the¬†Terminal: sudo chflags nohidden /Users It will ask you for an administrators¬†password just enter it and the folders should be¬†visible again. While it may seem like a good idea to hide things in this case it is just a nuisance and of limited security benefit.