Cloud storage, for me at least, is becoming too vulnerable and time consuming to manage. It is also a huge pit for data hording, take Photos for example, so many old and irrelevant images going back years just sitting there on the cloud gathering pixel dust.

With that in mind I have decided, that this year I am moving back to local storage and away from the likes of Google and One Drive. I have repurposed my old Mac Mini as a local storage server. The 2012 machine has a very low power foot print using around 10W in idle, better than many dedicated NAS devices I have used.

I have also added Syncthing to the mix, this is also a low resource tool and pretty easy for anyone to setup, and yea FOSS. The only cloud system I will keep for now is iCloud. This is mostly to do with iOS device syncing, and MacOS app setting syncing. I may look at another way later but for now the cost and overhead of iCloud is low and it works. I don’t intend to store more than the absolute minimum needed on there.

I have cleared around 23 Gb of data from Goggle Drive, most of which was old and redundant, the Photos alone where ridiculous, one kept the images around for no good reason other than sentiment. I have everything I need and want to keep stored locally.

The current state of online security and the proliferation of hacking has pushed me to finally act on this, and I am happy I did.