This post appeared in my feed: # 7 Reasons why I don’t write

Nobody’s going to read it anyway

Let’s be honest: nobody likes to shout into the void. Everyone wants their content to be seen, and social validation is the sweet sweet dopamine reward we all crave. …

Don’t underestimate how many people actively read personal blogs though! The web dev community is especially fond of RSS, and with the Fediverse gaining more and more popularity, original content on your own domain has a much better reach now than before.

Who’s gonna read your personal blog because it has an RSS feed? I’m gonna read your personal blog because it has an RSS feed.

— Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) January 7, 2020

I can relate to this post completely, and I find it amusingly ironic that the post appeared in my RSS Feed this morning.

Read the original post linked at the top, it is interesting or at least I found it so.

I am now pretty much free of traditional social media platforms, having left the last, Linkedin, yesterday. The slow wind down of social media site addiction began with Facebook and ended, as I said, with Linkedin.

Although I still have Instagram, I don’t consider that a social media platform, I know some do, but for me it is just a place to post renders and 3d work, a one-way place that gets a little traction, and helps with my need for a little external validation from fellow humans.

I once ran a pretty large user group on Facebook (Substance Tools) for a couple of years, well over 20K users, but I still became jaded and walked away. I haven’t regretted leaving FB once, honestly it was on of the best things I could have done for my own personal well being.

Twitter was one of the few places I felt comfortable for a long time, but over the last 2 years it had become less and less appealing, then Musk gave me the impetus I need to leave that one too.
Mastodon, never really worked out for me, enough said.

The points raised in OP are pretty much my experience and feelings about the addictive nature of social media and the concerns raised in the post reflect my feelings too.

I had already decided that it doesn’t really matter how many people see this, one reader would be a nice, but rather I write and post, now, for my own pleasure.
I like writing and love making 3d art, if others enjoy or find my posts interesting, then that is a nice bonus, but not the reason for doing them.

This site has RSS feed, although by default it is a little hidden, so here’s a link RSS until I add it to the sites menu.