We are now well into June, half way in fact, and I realised I haven’t posted on the blog in a while.

The reasons are the usual ones, a lack of interest and anything interesting to say.

To that end this post is somewhat of an oxymoron, it is all of the above and thus posted purely for the sake of maintaining the blogs output. If I leave it too long, I will fall into a state of low inertia, and so will my posting.

I have been busy, on programming for a change, I have a little pet project I have been working on for a while, namely a kit for Blender.

The kit is fully functional and works pretty well, it isn’t finished though it needs a little trimming and tidying up. Refactoring and general reorganisation.

The kit may or may not get released to the wider world depending on how I feel about maintaining it and the general hostility of the wider web.

I find the web stressful and often wonder why I still subject myself to its foibles, I am though human and inquisitive and the Web is still an interesting place in the corners if not in the spotlight.

Well that is a post done, I have managed to write something, anything…

Ah! The kit, yes right, well that will be for another day…