After nearly three years living here on the Elbe, we have finally found a new place back in town. Living out here has been a mixed bag of country calm, noisy garden machinery, and day tripper motorcycle madness. Post COVID has seen the later go from manageable to really annoying at times.

The Elbe is not far from us, about 150m behind our house with the main shipping lane to Hamburg about 1.5km across the water, this means we often hear the deep drone of container ships coming and going, this is more noticeable in winter when the trees along the shore are bare. Worse than the sound though is the pollution from the ships. We never considered this, as we moved in here during the COVID lock down and so it was much less pronounced then.

The main reason for moving, however, is the isolation of this place, there isn’t a single shop here, which means driving to the nearest town every couple of weeks to top up with vittles. No amenities at all, and I really don’t like driving everywhere when I should be able to walk or cycle. The car sits there and every two weeks gets put into action, which is better than a daily commute I suppose.

So we have a new place, all signed and sealed and move in some weeks. As you can imagine the interim is a bit on the stressy side, and the older I get the harder that is to ignore. So I will be glad when it is oll over.