I have been remiss in posting for a while and in April I posted nothing. The reason for this is the move I mentioned in the previous post. Well that and nothing really much of interest to say, apart from how much I hate cardboard now.

May has had a slow start, still figuring out where to put stuff in the new place and how many curtains I need to hang, it is very bright here and I have four large windows, three full length with a door to open and a balcony, I know terrible. The problem is blocking the light from my screen in the daytime as it is very bright from behind. I have a solution for three of the windows and another pair of “blackouts” coming on the weekend, then I should be secure in my little dark man cave.

On the technical side, I was looking through some of my old Modo models, which were setup for using Vray, which I have, but wasn’t installed. So I decided to try and get that reinstalled, not as easy as it once was due to it being discontinued by Chaos Group. Anyway after a quick email to their support people, I got it up and running, which I have to say wasn’t as complicated as I had first thought. The big issue was the license server, which was old and no longer working, I got their new one and was pleasantly surprised when it worked.

I am still playing with Vray and Modo, and it works, but to be honest Cycles in Blender is faster and not far off in quality. Plus to use vray I have to use Modo which is also nice, but slow, and to be honest crashes a fair amount. It is something to do with the new drivers and the old version of Modo, I think. I like to play around with tools and it is nice to have the option to use Modo properly with my old models, which was the whole reason in the first place.

So there you go folks, all caught up and up to date.
Oh! and here’s a bonus, Easter Bunny, I spotted in the garden outside my window.