I just read a post online about writing and the need to keep on writing.

It strikes me that there is something fulfilling about the idea of the post I like, and find recognisable. I am trying to post more but often find myself doubting the value of writing at all.

I need to remind myself that I am writing for no one other than myself. If someone else reads these posts, then all well and good, otherwise it isn’t relevant to me or my writing, I need to just keep writing.

Why, well simple really, I enjoy writing and I am by nature a creative person. Writing along with my 3D work is a creative process that gives me a feeling of achievement. A sense of creating something beyond my thoughts and something tangible even if it is only in digital form.

I am a big fan of RSS feeds and find the technology a great way to bypass the major social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook and get right to the source, often obscure and at the rear of social presence. Hacker News is one of my sources for feeds and it often contains articles and news that isn’t covered by the mainstream sources. The post that spurred this post came via HM and I would never have seen it without my subscriptions to the feeds. I encourage everyone to use RSS and get more news from local smaller sources.

And, to finish as I mentioned 3D creation in the article; here is a model I made recently, not related in any way to this post, but I can post what I please here, so:

Mac Midi Mac Midi Concept Model