In my last post, The end of social media, I lamented the decline of social media, and my feelings of weariness regarding the interaction and general lack of sociability on social media in the last couple of years.

In an attempt to lower my stress level and concentrate on more productive things I am stepping further back from this charade and moving into a quieter corner of art and code. These are the two things I love and have been doing for a very long time. This step back, has come after a strong reluctance to close off avenues of marketing, but I also realise that the returns don’t warrant the effort/time.

I have long since stopped taking on third party work, commissions. They were the highest stress trigger for me. I have been producing things I want, and perhaps then offering them on Gumroad or on Blender Market, neither of which is likely to make more than a few coffees worth of sales per month, but they are made and uploaded and don’t require much maintenance, if this changes I will likely pull my online stuff too.

Blender, in particular, is a difficult sell as the applications itself is free, and the mindset seems to expect everything associated with be the same, with Modo it worked better, but I no longer use Modo so nothing coming for that tool from me anymore.

I am a big fan, addict even, of RSS feeds from online sources, aggregated by Feedly and fed into my Reeder app on my MackBook. It is one way I can bypass the noise, and find diverse and interesting articles on the topics I am interested in. I rarely visit the originating site especially the commercial ones that throw more adverts in you face per line inch than I can both filter or handle. Adblock or not the number of popups and distracting boxes are just horrendous, marketing on steroids, more about returns than sharing information in my opinion. Don’t get me started on the bullshit YouTube promoters, pretending to do unbiased reviews, unbiased my arse.

I intended to post more often on here, and there is an xml RSS feed on here too, if you are interested,. If not I would still recommend using RSS and a decent reader as a way to lower the noise online.

Okay with that, I wish you all a happy new year!