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Mark B Tomlinson

Tag: Modo

MODO Repeat Last Command Reset

I recently had occasion to reset the CTRL R key in MODO which repeats the last command. It isn’t the easiest command to find and so I am making a note of it on here: cmds.fireAgain uiCmds:false selectionCmds:false Searching for last or repeat obviously wont help you find this esoteric beauty.

LDraw LEGO loader for MODO

In a recent post on Facebook Eric Soulvie released a beta version of his LDraw loader kit for MODO. I am pretty excited to try it out and you can expect some feed back and examples on here and mbt3d. It is necessary to have the LDraw library installed for this to work, something that was immediately apparent to me, after that the installation is pretty straight forward. If you are interested then his Article is on his site along with instructions on how to install the kit.