Modo: Vertex Normals to Hard Edge

In Modo importing CAD files that have been converted to a Polygon format such as LWO FBX or OBJ often contain a Vertex Normal Map. Exporting from Moi3d as LWO works well for example until you change anything on the imported mesh. I got a nice tip today from @funk on the Modo slack group it basically replaces the Vertex Normal map with a Standard (as of 13) Hard edge workflow....

12 April 2020 · Mark

Modo Slowdown after crashes

If a program appears to crash to often Windows may apply a control Shim to monitor the app, this can cause slow operations in Modo such as UV edits. To check if windows is applying a shim: Press start and in the search type regedit.exe and hit enter Go to this folder: HKEY\_LOCAL\_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\FTH\State If modo is listed in there, then a shim is being applied. To remove the shim...

28 December 2018 · Mark

Waffen One: Schnuller

After years of avoiding weapons I have just completed my first one, an Assault Rifle concept, of my own design. I did all the work in Modo including the concepting while I modelled this meant it took a bit of time to complete. I may do some more in the future as I learned a few tricks in doing the piece. More renders on artstation The name schnuller is a play on words from the US English translation....

29 November 2017 · Mark

MODO | Curve Transform Tool – Space Items

To quickly space out items in the Item List in Modo you can use the Curve Transform Tool under the Duplicate Tab in the Model Palette F2 shortcut.

6 August 2017 · Mark

Reverse a Curve in Modo

This one is too easy but I never got it so: Select the Curve in Poly mode (3 key) then hit F to flip. Boom the curve direction is reversed, F is used to Flip the polygon faces so I would never have guessed but when you know it makes sense.

11 June 2017 · Mark

MODO Topology Pen Shortcuts

The pen tool in MODO is pretty powerful and come with a lot of of shortcuts as noted below: Click = Move Right-click = Move Edge Loop Middle-click = Split Shift+click = Duplicate Shift+right-click = Duplicate Loop Shift+middle-click = Add Loop Ctrl+click = Slide Ctrl+middle-click = Remove

13 May 2017 · Mark