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Mark B Tomlinson

Tag: Editing

Using Visual Studio Code and Hugo

This is the first attempt at using Visual Studio Code to initialise and create Hugo matter for the blog. One thing I notice as I write this is the Dictionary is set to en:US and not en:GB which is fine it you don’t mind swapping out the z’s everywhere. What was it Shaw said: “The United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language.” Which is its self incorrect as Great Britain is actually three countries and three languages although English is the predominant one.

AstroGrep open at line in

How to configure AstroGrep to use as the default editor and to open the file at the specific location. Change the path and version to suite the location of the atom.exe on your system. C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\atom\app-1.18.0\atom.exe