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Mark B Tomlinson

Tag: Application

Modo – Make Links Windows

Hard Links in Window are called Junctions and are useful for example to create an Assets link in current folder and link to one in Dropbox. First change to the directory where the link should be placed: CD %home%\Documents\Luxology\Content Then enter this line at the Command Prompt to create the Junction: mklink /J Assets "%home%\Dropbox\Modo\Assets" Note the location of your Dropbox and Content folder may vary this is the default location.

Modo remove Layout Tab

Modo supports customisable Layouts displayed in the form of Tabs at the top of the UI. Adding a new Layout is as easy as clicking the small + symbol on the right of the Tab pane. Removing a Tab is a little more obtuse, it requires a few clicks in the Menus. As the Tabs represent Layouts you go to the Layout menu and select Delete… to open the Delete Layout window.