iMac 2012 Recovery

I am currently in the process of resetting an old 2012 iMac after deciding trying to set up the Fusion Drive in there was too much hassle. I think it can be done but as it is a proprietary RAID setup I decided to reinstall MacOS and then use an external drive as a dual boot Linux/Mac setup. I had this before and it worked well enough, the only requirement was to hit the boot drive selector shortcut....

4 January 2023 · Mark

Change Mac Machine Name via Terminal

I needed to change the name of one of my Macs remotely and this is the command to do it: sudo scutil --set HostName [NewHostNameHere]

22 October 2021 · Mark

SMB Mac 11.3.1

Apple in its infinite wisdom changed the settings for Samba ‘SMB’ protocol and killed access to my NAS server, thanks Apple not like I wasn’t using it all the time. I found a fix online, don’t trust me check if there are any risks in this fix: Create or edit this following file and add the 2 lines to the file. ~/Library/Preferences/nsmb.conf [default] protocol_vers_map=2

8 May 2021 · Mark