Modo – Toggle Side Panels Modo Beta Layout

Shortcut to toggle the Left viewport panel: viewport.hide ?+ tag LayoutMODOXXCentrePanelLeftTabsVPTag left LayoutMODOXXCentrePanelLeftVPKey Shortcut to toggle the Right viewport panel: viewport.hide ?+ tag LayoutMODOXXCentrePanelTabsVPTag right LayoutMODOXXCentrePanelVPKey N.B. These commands are one line. Set the shortcut using the Input Editor under the System menu.

Drag UI Element MODO

This little experimental beta command allows one to drag elements within the MODO UI for placement. attr.editMode Fire it in the command line to use.

MODO Bridge tool segment adjustment

Using the Polygon Bridge tool you can left click drag to adjust the number of segments in the bridge sweep. This is a pretty intuitive workflow and easier than using the toolbox spinner.