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Default Programs Editor

I work with lots of different image formats in my work and I often need to quickly view them in one program and then edit in another. The context menu in Windows 10 allows you to pick, initially, an Open with program optionally. It doesn’t easily allow you to pick an Edit with program. To this end I did a search online and found this recommended, tried it liked it, and so I am sharing with you.
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Using Hazel and loving it

Recently I got the Hazel.app for my Mac. I had heard good things about it and decided to give the trial a go. It didn’t take long to realise it is an amazingly useful tool. I have written actions now to move files all over the place and sort them in a sensible way.

For example I use [r] at the front of images to denote renders so in this action any image that isn’t a render or a screenshot is moved to a directory Assorted Pictures  and added to sub-folders using the domain name where I found it. For example an image downloaded from Wikipedia would end up in a subdirectory called Wikipedia.


hazel image action

If you are interested in trying the action you can download the Desktop.hazelrules just double-click and it should open with Hazel.

The more I use it the more I love it, so get the trial and see for yourself.