Shortcuts for Modo (Windows)

Shortcuts for Modo (Windows) 1. General/System F1 Help Ctrl+N New scene Ctrl+O Open saved scene Ctrl+I Open saved image Ctrl+W Close current scene Ctrl+Shift+W Close all open scenes Ctrl+S Save current scene Ctrl+Shift+S Save scene as Ctrl+Q Quit Modo Alt+F12 Config file save Shift+F5 Run script Ctrl+Z Undo Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo Ctrl+X Cut Ctrl+C Copy Ctrl+V …

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Modo – Toggle Side Panels Modo Beta Layout

Shortcut to toggle the Left viewport panel: viewport.hide ?+ tag LayoutMODOXXCentrePanelLeftTabsVPTag left LayoutMODOXXCentrePanelLeftVPKey Shortcut to toggle the Right viewport panel: viewport.hide ?+ tag LayoutMODOXXCentrePanelTabsVPTag right LayoutMODOXXCentrePanelVPKey N.B. These commands are one line. Set the shortcut using the Input Editor under the System menu.