It is now nearly two months since we moved and I am slowly starting to settle back into. my working routine.

The new office is much larger than the previous one and is starting to take shape, most things have a place and I am quite happy with the arrangement.

I have been busy mostly organising files and drives. Trying to set up a NAS drive which didn’t work out too well as it was really only an SSD on a Fritz Box. For simple stuff it is fine but for anything that needs versioning it isn’t up to the task.

This site is based on Hugo and that really didn’t like working over a network connection each update crashed the server meaning it was not worth using. So I will edit locally and upload to the server after, one more step in the process of getting it to the Web Server but easier than messing around.

As you may have noticed this blog isn’t updated often, so not a major undertaking.

I recently reacquired my old BlenderBits domain that I had let lapse, so the intention is to repopulate that as time goes by, not going to happen quickly as I am not really doing tutorials anymore but I wanted the domain back so that part worked out.