Finally after what seemed like ages we got the keys to our new place. Once more we are living on a major river. his time the river is the Elbe. Previously, in Berlin, we lived on the Spree, interestingly the Spree runs into the Elbe.

So we have come full circle, well full flow would be more correct in this sense.

There will be a lot of setting up to do after the movers drop our stuff, but once it is sorted I will have a nice large office for my studio space. The walls are light pink at the moment but I can live with that, who knows I may even grow to like it, or I will offset it with some anthracite on one wall. Actually knowing me I will end up not painting and learning to embrace my inner pink.

Actually pink used to be the colour for boys and blue was for girls, hence the virgin in blue.

Studio View

View of the river from my office window