In recent years, there have been huge improvements in n-gon’s (non quad polygons). Specifically how well they render and games engines handle non triangular or quad polygons – in reality of course, all polygons are reduced to triangles for rendering. Three vertices being the lowest amount of points that are needed to create two dimensional forms.

It seems now that the last place that require quad sub-D models is in deformed meshes, character animations and the like. I rarely aim for pure quad sub-D models anymore but still like to practice making them and find them cathartic to create now and then.

I have created a few models over the years for practice, and find the exercise quite rewarding, here are a few examples:

Flangypan 04

Flangypan Wire

And finally a close up of the edge loops needed to hold the form: Flangypan Close up Wire

It isn’t, perhaps, the most efficient modelling style anymore but I think it does have a place in 3D work and the results can be very satisfying.

This model, and more renders of it, can be found on Artstation