Note: The following keys are rendered assuming a standard US keyboard layout. If you use a different keyboard layout, please read below. You can view the currently active keyboard shortcuts in VS Code in the Command Palette (View -> Command Palette) or in the Keyboard Shortcutseditor (File > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts).

Some commands included below do not have default keyboard shortcuts (unassigned) but you can assign your own keybindings.

Basic Editing

Key Command Command id
Ctrl+X Cut line (empty selection) editor.action.clipboardCutAction
Ctrl+C Copy line (empty selection) editor.action.clipboardCopyAction
Ctrl+Shift+K Delete Line editor.action.deleteLines
Ctrl+Enter Insert Line Below editor.action.insertLineAfter
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Insert Line Above editor.action.insertLineBefore
Alt+Down Move Line Down editor.action.moveLinesDownAction
Alt+Up Move Line Up editor.action.moveLinesUpAction
Shift+Alt+Down Copy Line Down editor.action.copyLinesDownAction
Shift+Alt+Up Copy Line Up editor.action.copyLinesUpAction
Ctrl+D Add Selection To Next Find Match editor.action.addSelectionToNextFindMatch
Ctrl+K Ctrl+D Move Last Selection To Next Find Match editor.action.moveSelectionToNextFindMatch
Ctrl+U Undo last cursor operation cursorUndo
Shift+Alt+I Insert cursor at end of each line selected editor.action.insertCursorAtEndOfEachLineSelected
Ctrl+Shift+L Select all occurrences of current selection editor.action.selectHighlights
Ctrl+F2 Select all occurrences of current word editor.action.changeAll
Ctrl+I Select current line expandLineSelection
Ctrl+Alt+Down Insert Cursor Below editor.action.insertCursorBelow
Ctrl+Alt+Up Insert Cursor Above editor.action.insertCursorAbove
Ctrl+Shift+\ Jump to matching bracket editor.action.jumpToBracket
Ctrl+] Indent Line editor.action.indentLines
Ctrl+[ Outdent Line editor.action.outdentLines
Home Go to Beginning of Line cursorHome
End Go to End of Line cursorEnd
Ctrl+End Go to End of File cursorBottom
Ctrl+Home Go to Beginning of File cursorTop
Ctrl+Down Scroll Line Down scrollLineDown
Ctrl+Up Scroll Line Up scrollLineUp
Alt+PageDown Scroll Page Down scrollPageDown
Alt+PageUp Scroll Page Up scrollPageUp
Ctrl+Shift+[ Fold (collapse) region editor.fold
Ctrl+Shift+] Unfold (uncollapse) region editor.unfold
Ctrl+K Ctrl+[ Fold (collapse) all subregions editor.foldRecursively
Ctrl+K Ctrl+] Unfold (uncollapse) all subregions editor.unfoldRecursively
Ctrl+K Ctrl+0 Fold (collapse) all regions editor.foldAll
Ctrl+K Ctrl+J Unfold (uncollapse) all regions editor.unfoldAll
Ctrl+K Ctrl+C Add Line Comment editor.action.addCommentLine
Ctrl+K Ctrl+U Remove Line Comment editor.action.removeCommentLine
Ctrl+/ Toggle Line Comment editor.action.commentLine
Shift+Alt+A Toggle Block Comment editor.action.blockComment
Ctrl+F Find actions.find
Ctrl+H Replace editor.action.startFindReplaceAction
F3 Find Next editor.action.nextMatchFindAction
Shift+F3 Find Previous editor.action.previousMatchFindAction
Alt+Enter Select All Occurrences of Find Match editor.action.selectAllMatches
Alt+C Toggle Find Case Sensitive toggleFindCaseSensitive
Alt+R Toggle Find Regex toggleFindRegex
Alt+W Toggle Find Whole Word toggleFindWholeWord
Ctrl+M Toggle Use of Tab Key for Setting Focus editor.action.toggleTabFocusMode
unassigned Toggle Render Whitespace toggleRenderWhitespace
Alt+Z Toggle Word Wrap editor.action.toggleWordWrap

Rich Languages Editing

Key Command Command id
Ctrl+Space Trigger Suggest editor.action.triggerSuggest
Ctrl+Shift+Space Trigger Parameter Hints editor.action.triggerParameterHints
Shift+Alt+F Format Document editor.action.formatDocument
Ctrl+K Ctrl+F Format Selection editor.action.formatSelection
F12 Go to Definition editor.action.revealDefinition
Ctrl+K Ctrl+I Show Hover editor.action.showHover
Alt+F12 Peek Definition editor.action.peekDefinition
Ctrl+K F12 Open Definition to the Side editor.action.revealDefinitionAside
Ctrl+. Quick Fix editor.action.quickFix
Shift+F12 Peek References editor.action.referenceSearch.trigger
F2 Rename Symbol editor.action.rename
Ctrl+Shift+. Replace with Next Value editor.action.inPlaceReplace.down
Ctrl+Shift+, Replace with Previous Value editor.action.inPlaceReplace.up
Shift+Alt+Right Expand AST Select editor.action.smartSelect.grow
Shift+Alt+Left Shrink AST Select editor.action.smartSelect.shrink
Ctrl+K Ctrl+X Trim Trailing Whitespace editor.action.trimTrailingWhitespace
Ctrl+K M Change Language Mode workbench.action.editor.changeLanguageMode
Key Command Command id
Ctrl+T Show All Symbols workbench.action.showAllSymbols
Ctrl+G Go to Line… workbench.action.gotoLine
Ctrl+P Go to File…, Quick Open workbench.action.quickOpen
Ctrl+Shift+O Go to Symbol… workbench.action.gotoSymbol
Ctrl+Shift+M Show Problems workbench.actions.view.problems
F8 Go to Next Error or Warning editor.action.marker.nextInFiles
Shift+F8 Go to Previous Error or Warning editor.action.marker.prevInFiles
Ctrl+Shift+P Show All Commands workbench.action.showCommands
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Navigate Editor Group History workbench.action.openPreviousRecentlyUsedEditorInGroup
Alt+Left Go Back workbench.action.navigateBack
Alt+Left Go back in Quick Input workbench.action.quickInputBack
Alt+Right Go Forward workbench.action.navigateForward

Editor/Window Management

Key Command Command id
Ctrl+Shift+N New Window workbench.action.newWindow
Ctrl+Shift+W Close Window workbench.action.closeWindow
Ctrl+F4 Close Editor workbench.action.closeActiveEditor
Ctrl+K F Close Folder workbench.action.closeFolder
unassigned Cycle Between Editor Groups workbench.action.navigateEditorGroups
Ctrl+|Split Editor workbench.action.splitEditor
Ctrl+1 Focus into First Editor Group workbench.action.focusFirstEditorGroup
Ctrl+2 Focus into Second Editor Group workbench.action.focusSecondEditorGroup
Ctrl+3 Focus into Third Editor Group workbench.action.focusThirdEditorGroup
unassigned Focus into Editor Group on the Left workbench.action.focusPreviousGroup
unassigned Focus into Editor Group on the Right workbench.action.focusNextGroup
Ctrl+Shift+PageUp Move Editor Left workbench.action.moveEditorLeftInGroup
Ctrl+Shift+PageDown Move Editor Right workbench.action.moveEditorRightInGroup
Ctrl+K Left Move Active Editor Group Left workbench.action.moveActiveEditorGroupLeft
Ctrl+K Right Move Active Editor Group Right workbench.action.moveActiveEditorGroupRight
Ctrl+Alt+Right Move Editor into Next Group workbench.action.moveEditorToNextGroup
Ctrl+Alt+Left Move Editor into Previous Group workbench.action.moveEditorToPreviousGroup

File Management

Key Command Command id
Ctrl+N New File workbench.action.files.newUntitledFile
Ctrl+O Open File… workbench.action.files.openFile
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+K S Save All workbench.action.files.saveAll
Ctrl+Shift+S Save As… workbench.action.files.saveAs
Ctrl+F4 Close workbench.action.closeActiveEditor
unassigned Close Others workbench.action.closeOtherEditors
Ctrl+K W Close Group workbench.action.closeEditorsInGroup
unassigned Close Other Groups workbench.action.closeEditorsInOtherGroups
unassigned Close Group to Left workbench.action.closeEditorsToTheLeft
unassigned Close Group to Right workbench.action.closeEditorsToTheRight
Ctrl+K Ctrl+W Close All workbench.action.closeAllEditors
Ctrl+Shift+T Reopen Closed Editor workbench.action.reopenClosedEditor
Ctrl+K Enter Keep Open workbench.action.keepEditor
Ctrl+Tab Open Next workbench.action.openNextRecentlyUsedEditorInGroup
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Open Previous workbench.action.openPreviousRecentlyUsedEditorInGroup
Ctrl+K P Copy Path of Active File workbench.action.files.copyPathOfActiveFile
Ctrl+K R Reveal Active File in Windows workbench.action.files.revealActiveFileInWindows
Ctrl+K O Show Opened File in New Window workbench.action.files.showOpenedFileInNewWindow
unassigned Compare Opened File With workbench.files.action.compareFileWith


Key Command Command id
F11 Toggle Full Screen workbench.action.toggleFullScreen
Ctrl+K Z Toggle Zen Mode workbench.action.toggleZenMode
Escape Escape Leave Zen Mode workbench.action.exitZenMode
Ctrl+= Zoom in workbench.action.zoomIn
Ctrl+- Zoom out workbench.action.zoomOut
Ctrl+Numpad0 Reset Zoom workbench.action.zoomReset
Ctrl+B Toggle Sidebar Visibility workbench.action.toggleSidebarVisibility
Ctrl+Shift+E Show Explorer / Toggle Focus workbench.view.explorer
Ctrl+Shift+F Show Search
Ctrl+Shift+G Show Source Control workbench.view.scm
Ctrl+Shift+D Show Debug workbench.view.debug
Ctrl+Shift+X Show Extensions workbench.view.extensions
Ctrl+Shift+U Show Output workbench.action.output.toggleOutput
Ctrl+Q Quick Open View workbench.action.quickOpenView
Ctrl+Shift+C Open New Command Prompt workbench.action.terminal.openNativeConsole
Ctrl+Shift+V Toggle Markdown Preview markdown.showPreview
Ctrl+K V Open Preview to the Side markdown.showPreviewToSide
Ctrl+` Toggle Integrated Terminal workbench.action.terminal.toggleTerminal
Key Command Command id
Ctrl+Shift+F Show Search
Ctrl+Shift+H Replace in Files workbench.action.replaceInFiles
Alt+C Toggle Match Case toggleSearchCaseSensitive
Alt+W Toggle Match Whole Word toggleSearchWholeWord
Alt+R Toggle Use Regular Expression toggleSearchRegex
Ctrl+Shift+J Toggle Search Details
F4 Focus Next Search Result search.action.focusNextSearchResult
Shift+F4 Focus Previous Search Result search.action.focusPreviousSearchResult
Down Show Next Search Term history.showNext
Up Show Previous Search Term history.showPrevious


Key Command Command id
Ctrl+, Open Settings workbench.action.openSettings
unassigned Open Workspace Settings workbench.action.openWorkspaceSettings
Ctrl+K Ctrl+S Open Keyboard Shortcuts workbench.action.openGlobalKeybindings
unassigned Open User Snippets workbench.action.openSnippets
Ctrl+K Ctrl+T Select Color Theme workbench.action.selectTheme
unassigned Configure Display Language workbench.action.configureLocale


Key Command Command id
F9 Toggle Breakpoint editor.debug.action.toggleBreakpoint
F5 Start workbench.action.debug.start
F5 Continue workbench.action.debug.continue
Ctrl+F5 Start (without debugging)
F6 Pause workbench.action.debug.pause
F11 Step Into workbench.action.debug.stepInto
Shift+F11 Step Out workbench.action.debug.stepOut
F10 Step Over workbench.action.debug.stepOver
Shift+F5 Stop workbench.action.debug.stop
Ctrl+K Ctrl+I Show Hover editor.debug.action.showDebugHover


Key Command Command id
Ctrl+Shift+B Run Build Task
unassigned Run Test Task workbench.action.tasks.test


Key Command Command id
unassigned Install Extension workbench.extensions.action.installExtension
unassigned Show Installed Extensions workbench.extensions.action.showInstalledExtensions
unassigned Show Outdated Extensions workbench.extensions.action.listOutdatedExtensions
unassigned Show Recommended Extensions workbench.extensions.action.showRecommendedExtensions
unassigned Show Popular Extensions workbench.extensions.action.showPopularExtensions
unassigned Update All Extensions workbench.extensions.action.updateAllExtensions