Mouse Acceleration on MacOS

ExactMouse acceleration killer:

ExactMouse from Steelseries removes mouse acceleration on the Mac.

Acceleration is a a problem for me when using a mouse on any computer that requires precise pointer placement. It is not easy to disable it completely on the Mac without using some fancy terminal command.

To make it easy to disable acceleration either term-rally or permanently you can use the ExactMouse tool from Steelseries. The improvement in general mouse work are subtle but noticeable and improve the feel of high quality gaming mice.

Download from steelseries site.


ExactMouse acceleration app installation dialog

Turn off Notification Requests in Safari

For some reason Web Browsers such as Safari have added the ability for Web Sites to request the sending of Notifications using the OS notification system. Quite why anyone would want this on 99% of the sites is beyond me.

If you are fed up with constantly having to say no to these requests there is a way to turn off all requests in Safari, and certainly other browsers too.

To turn of the prompts go to:

Settings > Websites > Notifications

and deselect the check box at the bottom of the pane.


Windows 10 Drag and Drop Bug

You are going to love this Windows 10 bug: Drag and Drop stops working for me occasionally and I finally found out how to fix it, hit the escape key.

That’s it if you find you can’t drag drop icons in Explorer under Windows 10 try hitting the Escape key once and it should work.

Although it isn’t working for everyone but worth a try 🙂

Another thing worth trying and checking is to run the

sfc /scannnow

As administrator this will check and repair system files under windows.
Microsoft System Repair

Virtual Desktop Problem El Capitan

I recently noticed the virtual desktops or Spaces on Mac were not working as expected. They had become locked together and it was not possible to switch on one monitor without switching the second too.

The problem is fixed by ensuring the check box next to Displays have separate Spaces is on under the Mission Control pane in the System Preferences.


Wacom Tablet Driver Restart Mac

The tablet driver for the Wacom Tablet occasionally crashes under Mac OS X. This seems to happen more often after the machine is woken from Sleep mode.

When you look in the Preference you will see some warning similar to the image above. The only solution it offers is to restart the Mac. This is a pain even though restarting with and SSD is quick enough it still means closing all the open apps and waiting an age for some to close like the (seriously Apple how hard is it to fix this nonsense).
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Autodesk FBX Viewer Alternative

Autodesk FBX viewer is dead in Yosemite and isn’t going to be fixed until later this month with the release of a new FBX suite. Therefore I have had to look for an alternative and have tried many viewers some nice some not the problem is few open FBX by association if at all.

There is one program that does open them and reads them quickly and that is Marmoset Toolbag 2 I had just been using Toolbag to open files and then thought, hell why not just associate the files to the program so they open there by default.

It opens fast and is a great viewer. It will open multiple files into the same view which is great if you want to compare two models a High Poly and a Low Poly for alignment for example. The more I think about it the more I realise this is a far better solution than the poor little FBX viewer from Autodesk, so unloved it has been left dead since Yosemite was launched months ago.

Toolbag is a light fast program and on my machine loads easily as fast as Autodesk’s program did, but has a lot pf extra features built in like object selection hiding manipulation and of course you can add some cool textures if you want, it is a pretty hot renderer too.

Delete all Photos from Your iPad or iPhone

The quickest way to delete all the photos from an iPad running ios 7 is to use the Image Capture program.

  1. Open Image Capture
  2. Connect you iPad to your Mac with USB cable
  3. Click on the iPad icon top left
  4. Select all by using ⌘A (or select manually if you want to selectively delete)
  5. Click the red circle symbol on the bottom and confirm you want to delete.

After a few seconds or minutes depending on the size they will be deleted from the iPad.


Raspberry Pi Time Capsule

Build a $35 Time Capsule – Raspberry Pi Time Machine Backup Server
HomeArticlesBuild a $35 Time Capsule – Raspberry Pi Time Machine Backup Server
29-08-2014 | Remy van Elst

This is a simple guide on building a $35 Time Capsule with a Raspberry Pi. A Time Capsule is a network attached storage device from Apple for use with their Time Machine. Time Machine gives users a very easy and userfriendly way to automatically create and restore (encrypted) backups. A Time Capsule is basically an expensive NAS that only talks the AFP/netatalk protocol. The 2 TB version costs $299 at this time, a Raspberry Pi only $35.

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You will need the following:

Raspberry Pi, Model B/B+
USB Hard Disk / Big USB Dick