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Modo – Compositing Outputs

Render outputs are useful when you wish to compose layers in an external application such as Photoshop. The render outputs required to produce the same image as the Final Colour output are:
Diffuse Shading (Total) + Transparent Shading + Reflection Shading + Specular Shading + Subsurface Shading + Luminous Shading = Final Color

Each layer is Added (Linear Dodge) to the previous layer in the composition. Each Layer is rendered with a gamma of 1.0, then combined with the required Gamma, 2.2 for RGB is added to produce the best result for display on screen.

Modo – Make Inactive Same as Active Toggle

In Modo you can make inactive Meshes either Wireframe or the same as the active Meshes. This usually involves going into the 3D Viewport Properties via the ‘o’ key, you can assign a shortcut but what if you want a shortcut that toggles the behavior well you can do that too by using ‘?+‘  which is the toggle instruction for all boolean commands.

So in the Map to shortcut dialog use this instead of the given TRUE or FALSE

view3d.sameAsActive ?+

Select you preferred key and off you go.

Modo remove Layout Tab

Modo supports customisable Layouts displayed in the form of Tabs at the top of the UI.

Adding a new Layout is as easy as clicking the small + symbol on the right of the Tab pane.

Removing a Tab is a little more obtuse, it requires a few clicks in the Menus.

As the Tabs represent Layouts you go to the Layout menu and select Delete… to open the Delete Layout window.

From there you have a menu dropdown and you choose the Tab/Layout you wish to remove.

Modo Delete Edge Keep Vertex

If you want to remove an Edge and keep the vertex, you can use the UI button F2 Model Tab > Edge > Remove

You can also use right-click the edge and select remove.

It pops up a dialog box where you can check “Keep Vertices”

Assign it to ALT Backspace for example to make it easier to access

August is here and it is hot.

The heat has been pretty bad and limited my modelling mojo in between though I have started working on a new model shown below.

The last couple of months have been spent transitioning over from Blender to Modo which I am now using full-time. I will keep Blender around but I don’t think I will be going back to it full-time. Modo feels so much more productive somehow and yes I loved Blender but wasn’t happy with certain UI aspects.
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