Waffen One: Schnuller

After years of avoiding weapons I have just completed my first one an Assault Rifle concept of my own design. I did all the work in Modo including the concepting while I modelled this meant it took a bit. I may do some more in the future as I learned a few tricks in doing …

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Add HUD to viewport MODO

In the viewport press o in the HUD field paste: frm_hud_model_3d:sheet Nothing happens as you first need to change tab and come back to HUD

MODO | Curve Transform Tool – Space Items

  To quickly space out items in the Item List in Modo you can use the Curve Transform Tool under the Duplicate Tab in the Model Palette F2 shortcut.     In this video William Vaughan demonstrates how to use:

Reverse a Curve in Modo

This one is too easy but I never got it so: Select the Curve in Poly mode (3 key) then hit F to flip. Boom the curve direction is reversed, F is used to Flip the polygon faces so I would never have guessed but when you know it makes sense.

Drag UI Element MODO

This little experimental beta command allows one to drag elements within the MODO UI for placement. attr.editMode Fire it in the command line to use.

MODO Bridge tool segment adjustment

Using the Polygon Bridge tool you can left click drag to adjust the number of segments in the bridge sweep. This is a pretty intuitive workflow and easier than using the toolbox spinner.