Moving Day Part II

I spent the afternoon sorting out this site and updating the theme customisation, I didn’t care for the default font, I prefer something easier on the eye. Also I culled a lot of images from the old gallery on here as they are getting old and I haven’t updated in a very long time. Far […]

Moving Day

Today I managed to finally setup HTTPS on this site. It was not as straight forward as I had first thought because it was using Cloudflare and a stray Name Server that took a little tweaking to get working. After a few false starts and a little waiting for the Name Servers to catch up […]

I have been Busy

I haven’t posted on here in a very long time, I have been very busy on other things mostly to do with my 3d work. Part of that included setting up some new servers and a domain for my Freelance 3d art site I have moved things around a few times in the last […]

Summer is here in force

It seems I haven’t posted on this blog for a long time, I have been busy on my 3d site though that and moving my office down to the cellar to avoid the heat. I have just installed a few apps I had to reinstall after a reintallation of Mac software one of them […]

Change iCloud Date Format

I just checked the iCloud web reminders app and was surprised to see the dates listed in the quaint but uniquely US centric date format; even the US military don’t seem to use it. At first I couldn’t see how to change it then I found it hidden under the Calendar app. Not very intuitive […]

New 3d website

I have managed to acquire the domain name which fits in with the handle I use on the web @MarkBTomlinson and so should help finding me easier. As a consequence of this acquisition I have decided to moved and consolidate all my CG 3D work over on the new website which is called  Mark B Tomlinson All new work and projects I add […]