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Mark B Tomlinson

Category: General

Function Key Toggle Apple Keyboard.

For Windows using the Apple USB keyboard without Bootcamp Control Panel software i.e. you aren’t using a Mac but still want to use the APPLE SUB Keyboard. Open the Registry and search for the following Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\KeyMagic Find the entry OSXFnBehavior Change the value from 01 to 00 00 is Function Keys 01 is Media Keys Unplug the keyboard or restart the computer to reload the new value.  

8 bit to 10 bit Colour Issues Mac Fix

Apple added 10-bit colour to the Apple Display drivers this is causing issues with older Macs including the Mac-Mini this little application can fix it by allowing you to select 8-bit from the list. ResXtreme ResXtreme provides access to all display modes for each connected screen, including extended and HiDPI modes accessible only via private system APIs. These private modes are not normally accessible to App Store apps.

Modo – Make Links Windows

Hard Links in Window are called Junctions and are useful for example to create an Assets link in current folder and link to one in Dropbox. First change to the directory where the link should be placed: CD %home%\Documents\Luxology\Content Then enter this line at the Command Prompt to create the Junction: mklink /J Assets "%home%\Dropbox\Modo\Assets" Note the location of your Dropbox and Content folder may vary this is the default location.

Modo – Make Inactive Same as Active Toggle

In Modo you can make inactive Meshes either Wireframe or the same as the active Meshes. This usually involves going into the 3D Viewport Properties via the ‘o' key, you can assign a shortcut but what if you want a shortcut that toggles the behavior well you can do that too by using ‘?+‘ which is the toggle instruction for all boolean commands. So in the Map to shortcut dialog use this instead of the given TRUE or FALSE

Modo remove Layout Tab

Modo supports customisable Layouts displayed in the form of Tabs at the top of the UI. Adding a new Layout is as easy as clicking the small + symbol on the right of the Tab pane. Removing a Tab is a little more obtuse, it requires a few clicks in the Menus. As the Tabs represent Layouts you go to the Layout menu and select Delete… to open the Delete Layout window.