Now that Blender has an option for a more Maya like mouse manipulation workflow, and I am back looking at it once again, I noticed one thing I missed from the default Blender mappings…

In the default Blender mouse set up you can use the Middle Mouse and the ALT key to perform Axis Snapping and get a quick way to view Left Right Top Front etc. Orthogonal Views.

When I switched over to Maya like I thought I had lost this function, as it uses ALT as the main key for manipulations. I did a little nosing around in the Preferences and it turns out it is Mapped to the Alt key, as before, but obviously it needs a little extra step to be useful.

To get Axis Snapping then you use the ALT Left mouse to orbit the camera and then you release and repress the ALT key whilst keeping the Left Mouse button pressed. Now you can orbit to a near side view and it will snap the axis as expected.

This is a really nice little addition to the pure Maya workflow as it saves time hitting Number Pads to get an Ortho View.