Day 016 – 100 Days of Swift

I worked through the first section on this course and found it interesting and pretty well explained. I am not a fan of the test section though as it is done in a way that is trying to force attentiveness this is admirable but not something I appreciate, this is me not the method. The main reason is I am coming to Swift after over 30 years of programming in various languages and I am looking for a quick introduction into the syntactical and methodological workings of swift. For someone new to writing code it may be more useful.

The next section of this course covers iOS and here I think I will part ways, at least for now as I am not concerned with iOS initially rather MacOS. I know the basics are the same with slightly different method and class names. Still I will pass for now.

I bought the Hacking with Swift Book for MacOS from Paul too so I will concentrate on this now instead. I tend to prefer the technical aspects of a language first and move the practical use later. Again just me. I love the poetry of code for the sake of it.