Day 001 – 100 Days of Swift

I have decided to take a little time each day to work through the 100 Days of Swift course from Paul Hudson.

The first day was pretty basic stuff, but apparently I am not supposed to rush ahead, hard not to considering the level of the first lessons. Still I see his point and will hold my horses and trust to his experience in this.

This first day covered the Variables and Constants and their various declaration techniques, which I knew.

Two things were interesting though:

Swift uses _ as an invisible separator in numbers. So: writing 10_000 is the same as writing 10000 as far as the compiler is concerned. Normally we would use 10,000 or 10.000 depending on Local to separate the thousands.

Also the method for writing multiple line Strings:

var someLinesOfText = """
Some text
and another line

Multiple line strings are delineated using three quotation marks on a line the first should end the line and the last should be on a line of its own.


Day 004 and I am finding this plan to be less and less compelling especially the test sections which appear more aimed at trickery than testing the concepts demonstrated. I shall now just skim through the videos and concentrate on other sources of Swift information.