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Function Key Toggle Apple Keyboard.

For Windows using the Apple USB keyboard without Bootcamp Control Panel software i.e. you aren’t using a Mac but still want to use the APPLE SUB Keyboard. Open the Registry and search for the following Key:


Find the entry


Change the value from 01 to 00

00 is Function Keys

01 is Media Keys

Unplug the keyboard or restart the computer to reload the new value.


Shortcuts for Modo (Windows)

Shortcuts for Modo (Windows)

1. General/System
Ctrl+NNew scene
Ctrl+OOpen saved scene
Ctrl+IOpen saved image
Ctrl+WClose current scene
Ctrl+Shift+WClose all open scenes
Ctrl+SSave current scene
Ctrl+Shift+SSave scene as
Ctrl+QQuit Modo
Alt+F12Config file save
Shift+F5Run script
DeleteDelete (not available in Items mode)
Ctrl+RBrings up the last tool used
Alt+RBrings up the last tool used, ignoring UI interactions and selections
Ctrl+TabLayout switcher, organized by most recent
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Logitech Gaming Software – Mouse not Detected

After installing Karabiner Elements for MacOS I found that the Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) was no longer detecting the mouse and was showing the move mouse to wake dialog.

It took a while to figure out that the cause was the recently installed Karabiner Software, exiting the software allowed immediate recognition of the mouse. Not sure what the cause is and the mouse was functional though not under the LGS command.

A useful tool but not if you are using LGS it would appear.