August is here and it is hot.

The heat has been pretty bad and limited my modelling mojo in between though I have started working on a new model shown below.

The last couple of months have been spent transitioning over from Blender to Modo which I am now using full-time. I will keep Blender around but I don’t think I will be going back to it full-time. Modo feels so much more productive somehow and yes I loved Blender but wasn’t happy with certain UI aspects.

The biggest turn off for me with Blender in the end though was the increasing number of sidelines trying to make money out of it. I thought if this is going to cost me to keep servicing with ad-ons etc. then why not just buy a commercial product again so I did.

So Modo is now the tool I use and the renderer is very nice. I certainly have a lot more to learn but the modelling aspects are now well under my belt and I am now looking at how to use the renderer effectively.

Although I like the suite very much there are a few areas it is weak, this mostly I think due to under optimisation of some of the code and a heavy reliance on non threaded scripts in the code base. This has been a long-term complaint in forums I have checked, however I have high hopes they will eventually get around to rewriting the code for a modern multicore multithreaded CPU.